Do You Have Diabetes?

Are you confused? A little frightened maybe? Desperate for information on some type of Diabetes Mellitus?

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This site is for those wanting answers about the diabetic condition, its complications, and its treatment. As this disease spreads rapidly through the world, more and more people are in need of good, clear information.

Frequently the advice they get is at best lacking, at worst wrong, and at least confusing!

Here you will find that we have gathered together information that is, to the best of our ability, complete, correct and generally unbiased. This way we can at least give readers a greater understanding, thereby allowing them better choices. No matter what type you have, or what your related question, you should find the answer on this site.

The content of is under constant review and is changed or added to on a regular basis as new or different information comes to light. It is our intention for this site to be the most complete and up to date source of information about all aspects of diabetes. If what you want is not here yet please let us know and we will try to speed it up! (gasp, pant, pant,)

The research that we have to do to validate the information that we place on the site is proving to be very time consuming. Finding our way through all the differing opinions and frequent attacks of smoke and mirrors to some form of consensus is often surprisingly difficult.

As we progress with the site and the information becomes more complex, the time taken to produce a section or update an existing section increases at an alarming pace.

If we havent got what you are looking for, let us know, but it is probably in the pipeline already. We do however use your feedback to move things up the list if we get frequent requests.

As you will see from the 'About us' page, we are personally involved with the topic of this site!

If you have any comments about anything on our site, ('yippee' good or, 'oops', bad) please use the 'contact us' page to tell us about it. Likewise, if you have any suggestions about related topics that you would like to have included, please tell us about what you would like to see on the site!

Also, please read our 'disclaimer/privacy' page!

We have tried to make this site as easy to use as possible. You will find the navigation, accessible from the buttons on the left, the text links below, or directly from the Site Map, quite straightforward.

Enjoy the trip through our pages as you have your questions about diabetes answered!


New Stuff
This is the page where we will place links to any new pages on the site and also to any new developments that we come across that affect diabetics.

Site Map Of
An easy to use site guide and link table to

Symptoms of Diabetes
If neither you nor a loved one have already been diagnosed with the symptoms of diabetes then you are very lucky. Most of us only get here once we have already been diagnosed and think "Wow, I had that one, and that one........".

Causes of Diabetes
After receiving a number of requests for more information on this subject I thought I had better come up with a separate section dealing with the causes of diabetes. So here it is........

Diabetes Types
All the types of diabetes can be confusing for the newly diagnosed and their friends and family. Find the answers here!

Treatment of Diabetes
So you have been diagnosed with diabetes! - Where do you go from here? A clear guide to all your questions.

Diabetic Diet
Life would be so much easier if we could just survive without food, but unfortunately our bodies need food. How do we balance the need for food with the effect on our blood glucose?

Diabetes Nutritional Supplements
Before I get into the lists and descriptions of all the individual supplements, I want to say a few words about what can be a very controversial subject - normal medicine versus alternative medicine.

Exercise for Diabetics
If you are an exercise enthusiast then the 'groan' is the sound you make when you are really pushing it and if, like so many of us, you are a couch potato, groan is what you say at the very thought of having to start exercising.

Diabetic Complications
As if just having diabetes is not overwhelming enough, you have been warned about 'Diabetic Complications' and are probably wondering what else you have to worry about.

Emotional Issues Of Diabetes.
Writing this section is something that I have put off for some time now. It is only the fact that I have had letters from both diabetics themselves and from their family members or friends, all asking about how to cope......

Diabetic Equipment
Here at last we have the section for the gadget lovers. Although to some of us these may be a pain - in more ways than one - most of us will probably admit that all the 'bits and bobs' do hold a certain attraction in the beginning.

Medical Tests For Diabetics
One thing you can be sure of when you have diabetes is that the word "test" will come up over and over. Test for this, test for that and test for the other....

Travel And Diabetes
A guide to the complications of travelling and managing diabetes at the same time.

Diabetic Conversions
The page especially for the mmol/L and the mg/dL challanged!

About Us
All about who we are and how we got here!

Contact Us
Contact Us page. Sorry to use a form, but it is spam free – unlike e-mail!

Disclaimer and Privacy Statement
This Disclaimer and Privacy Statement is important please read it.

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