Diabetes First Aid Kit

A guide to a comprehensive emergency first-aid kit for diabetics.

It pays to travel with an emergency kit. Let us start with the basic first aid kit.

Note – the brand names used are for ones available in the UK. You need to get what ever is normally used in your country. Your pharmacist will be able to advice you.

A comprehensive diabetes first aid kit should contain the following:-
Anti-diarrhoea Tablets e.g. Imodium
Re-hydration Treatment - For Diarrhoea
Painkillers e.g. Paracetamol or Aspirin
Antihistamine tablets and cream e.g. Benadryl
Anti-nausea medication
Travel sickness tablets
Blister Treatments
Antiseptic solution e.g. Savlon or Dettol
Wound Dressings
Disposable gloves.
Suntan lotion and After Sun lotion.
Calamine lotion
Cough medicine (no-sugar ones may be difficult to get)
An antibacterial soap - tea tree soap is a good one.
Condoms – do not trust foreign ones, you cannot be sure of the quality!

Then there are the supplies you need under special circumstances:-
Water Purification Tablets
Insect Repellent
Anti-malarial Tablets
An all-purpose broad-spectrum Antibiotic e.g. levofloxacin or azithromycin.
Treatment for yeast infections e.g. Canesten.
An anti-fungal cream.
Sterile Injection Kit (IV Giving Set, Syringes, Needles) for use used if you are admitted to hospital in a third world country.
Contact lens cleaner if you wear such lenses.

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