Diabetes Identification

You need to carry some form of diabetes identification that states you are a diabetic, especially if you are travelling alone.

If you are involved in an accident or get muddled and confused or even slip into a coma due to hypoglycaemia it is imperative that the people caring for you know that you have diabetes, or they may administer something that makes the situation much worse and could even kill you.

It is not unheard of for a diabetic suffering from confusion due to a hypo to be mistaken for a drunk and tossed into a cell to ‘sober up’. Cups of super sweet tea to ‘cure shock’ after an accident will do one no good at all either!

In a foreign country particularly you may not be able to speak enough of the language to make your situation clear but medical ID cards or ID jewellery are recognised world wide and will at least make the person dealing with you more cautious.

A personalised ID card is a good idea. In the UK these can be obtained from www.diabetes.org.uk

The site states the following:-
Diabetes UK can provide two credit card style identity cards:

1. Treatment identity card
This card has space for you to write in your emergency contact details and where relevant you can record insulin or tablet dosage. To obtain a treatment identity card, please contact:
Diabetes UK Distribution PO Box 1057, Bedford MK42 7XQ
Telephone 0800 585 088

2. Insulin user’s identity card
This card is similar to the card above but also carries your photo and has the phrase ‘I have insulin dependent diabetes’ in English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic. You can order an insulin users identity card by downloading and completing an application form, available from:
Diabetes UK Customer Services 10 Parkway, London NW1 7AA
Telephone 020 7424 1010
Email customerservice@diabetes.org.uk

In the USA a card can be bought from www.medids.com

If your country does not offer a card, and even if it does, there is another form of identification that you can use.

This is the ID jewellery. These are usually bracelets, pendants or watches that are engraved with one’s medical information.

Possibly the most well known company offering such products is the Medic-Alert Foundation. Their products are recognised world-wide. They not only offer the engraved jewellery but also a 24 hour help line.
To contact them in your country go to www.medicalert.org/home

Two other sites where you can find such products are:-
Medi-Tag Hoopers

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