Insulin Pump

What pumps are available?
There are a number of pumps made but not all are available everywhere. You will have to find out which ones you can get in your own country.

Also, upgrades are coming out all the time, so the list below may soon be out dated. I will do the best I can to keep it as current as possible.

1. Animas Corp.
Makes the IR1000; IR1200; IR 1250.

2. Dana Diabecare (Sooil Development Co. Ltd)

Makes the Dana Diabecare II
This company seems to be out of contact at the moment. As soon as we can find out what is happening we will post new information.

3. Insulet Corporation.
Makes the OmniPod

4. Medtronic MiniMed.
Makes the Paradigm family of pumps. The following information comes from their website:-

The Paradigm(r) 515/715 insulin pump is currently only available in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

For Medicare/Medicaid patients in the United States, we offer the Paradigm 512R/712R insulin pump.

We offer the 508 or 508R in Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Australia & New Zealand, CEE (ex. Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia), South Africa, India, Israel, Greece

We offer the Paradigm 512/712 in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, CEE (ex. Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland), Middle East (ex. Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, etc...), South Africa, India, Israel.

5. Nipro Diabetic Systems.
Makes the Amigo

6. Roche (was Disetronic)
Makes the Accu-chek Spirit; H-TRON Plus; D-TRON Plus.
The H-TRON V Plus (claims to be waterproof) & D-TRON Plus are no longer for sale in the US or Canada.

7. Smiths Medical MD, Inc. (Deltec, Inc)
Makes the Cozmo

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